Monday, June 06, 2005

getting fat

stupid matt. he eats less than me, and i just feel so gross! like im always eating and i keep getting fatter and fatter! my stomach hurts soooo much! blahhhhh. i want to puke, should i? maybe.

gone for a smoke and maybe to puke.....

well, i puked a bit, then i got over it. it was gay.

i miss matt. we slept for 3 and a half hours. it was stupid. i missed out on like my whole day.

this is what i ate today:
- 1/2 a skor bar
- pack of m&m's
- 3 small pieces of pizza with olives
- 2 cookies
- 3 crackers with cheese
- bowl of chicken noodle soup
- sandwich bun

fucking gay eh? blahhhhhhh

yesterday was fucking amazing! well, first me and matt got in a huge fight over the night before. he punched a lightbulb and it exloded all over his room. and he was yelling and shit. but we talked it all out and then made up like fucking cats and dogs! it was sooooo hot!!!! like, best fucking sexual experience like ever, and we didnt even have sex (that time of the month), but we can tomorrow!!!! wooot!!!!!!!!!! but it was sooo fucking hot! i love watching him play with himself. that turns me on so much, so much more than ANYTHING! its soooo hot! ahh, i cant get over how gorgeous he is. fucking beautiful!

im off to bed. i haven't worked out in a long time. i should start up again. cause im a loser and im getting fat! blah. i need to find an ab excersise that exercises my lower abdomin. like under my belly button.

well, good night.


Blogger Muad'Dib said...

How bout you eat some vegetables

8:47 PM  

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