Monday, May 30, 2005

so close im sweatin

we almost got burnt today. we were behind the shack smoking a j and the gaff-attack walked around the corner. donkey had it and shoved it in his pocket. she brought us all down to the office and we were questioned seperately. i didnt rat, neither did sean, but matt and the 2 other girls did(but donkey already was kicked out. we watched him storm out swearing at them). but i held out and im soooo proud. incredibly proud! but it was sooo close. matt had all his shit in his pockets, which he moved to his boxers while we were sitting in the office. it was hilarious.

today was amazing though. me and matt got to my place, made a pizza, took a nap, rented bowling for columbine, and had mad sex. it was power.

i started working out. i did like 200 crunches yesterday. it was pretty killer. my back hurts and shit. but im going to try to do it again. i've been eating alot the past two days. but thats to make up for the two days before. stupid body.

i have a pair of matt's boxers. im so proud. i wore them to school today. sooo comfortable. and sexy! but i have to take my patch off. blah! no sex for a week! its going to be killer. blahhhhhh. but hopefully, after this week is over with, matt will feel that he owes me and will spend the time i need. but he almost got me off today. almost. sooooo close! so close it hurt!

im off to work out, hopefully.


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