Tuesday, May 31, 2005

sensitivity over insensitivity.

i called matt insensitive today. and i mean, sometimes he is. but he was really hurt by that. he said that he thought about it, and he realised that he is insensitive. i hope it helps, but i feel so bad that i hurt him. i really dont want to, it just happens. i don't mean to at all. I love him soooo much. he is everything to me. everything. i hope nothing ever happens between us. it almost did, but i won't let it happen again. i won't let stupid shit get to me like that again. ever, i hope.
he made me a heart in woodshop today. it was so cute! i want to nail it to my wall, so i can look at it all the time! *sigh* matt's so wonderful! <3<3<3
i want to email him, but i dont know what to say. i mean, i dont want to give in because he can be very insensitive, but i want to make him feel better.
i gotta go to bed and do my exercises. i think im doing pretty good :D


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